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What We Do

WhiteStar Labs Provides a Wide Variety of Services to Our Customers.

Enterprise Application development

Running and maintaining home grown software is challenging and that is why our experienced product teams are here to help. From high traffic websites to high volume transaction processing, we are your partners for enterprise development. Need a background processing workflow service or a caching system? Rewrite existing systems or designing the next big thing? Leave it to us! We start by gathering the requirements, assembling your teams from hand-picked developers, QA and architects, plan the sprints and then simply deliver results. No system is too big or complex for us, and believe us when we say that in our two decades in business we have seen it all. Give us a call and let us show you what makes us industry leaders.

Mobile Application Development

Need a mobile app? iOS, Android and even Windows phones? Let us develop your dream app. We take our apps seriously. Our expert development teams can put you on iTunes and Google play in no time. From native development in Xcode and Android Studio to hybrid apps in Cordova, PhoneGap and Ionic, we make sure your technology is up to par. We can even use Xamarin if you want to save the cost of going full native! We test our apps on 3,400 different devices to make sure you get the best user experience possible. Our maintenance packages, ensure your customers always get the latest updates on time. From conception to launch and beyond, let us be your development partner and support you on your way to success!

Web Application Development

At WhiteStar we take web application development to a new level. We provide awesome responsive designs and steller backend development to match. From API based single page apps to the traditional MVC and beyond. We start with a blank canvas, rapid prototype a mock up app for your approval, design your database and APIs, then build each user screen to specs. Need hosting? We can host your web application in the cloud and maintain it for you. With two decades of experience, we have seen the web take shape and evolve and are here to help you take full advantage of our knowledge and experience.

Desktop Application Development

From Windows to Mac and Linux, our desktop teams are experts in deep platform integration with your preferred operating system. We are here to create the best desktop application to fit your needs. With small memory footprints we keep your desktop application running smoothly and with top of the line installers and updaters we insure your customers are always using the latest version. We have successfully delivered custom desktop applications to some of the largest Inc 500 companies in the market. Some of the technologies we work with include Java, WPF, Win Forms, Flex, Electron and many more. Be a hero and deliver an awesome desktop application to your customers with a WhiteStar custom desktop application!

SQL Development

Whether you are designing a new Database, Data warehouse or optimizing an existing system, we can help! Our DBAs are experienced at SQL design and optimization and can produce a fast and scalable SQL Database to power your business. Need to speed up your system or establish lost referential integrity? No problem! We can make sure your tables, views, keys and indexes are in order and stored procedures execution plans are optimized. On premise or in the cloud, we can power and scale your systems. Disaster recovery plans to fit your needs and failover clusters, we do it all. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you grow!

Cloud Migration

From web applications to data warehousing, we help our customers get to the cloud faster. We work with leading cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to insure your systems utilize the full benefits the cloud has to offer. Scaling, recovery and failover, backup and security, let us migrate your business to the cloud with a more reliable infrastructure and better elastic capabilities. Public, private or hybrid clouds, our WhiteStar experts can prepare and execute a migration strategy, evaluate operational costs and recommend the best way of moving forward. Forget about checking uptime and worrying about hard drives, let us bring you to the future!

Custom Software Development.

At WhiteStar we have been delivering great software for over two decades.

From mobile applications to enterprise systems and everything in between, our proprietary software delivery process and experienced teams have helped us produce unparalleled success for our customers. We operate in all technologies with cherry picked developers best suited for your project. All teams include QA engineers at a 2:1 ratio to insure you get the best quality product possible.

Technologies include, but not limited to:

  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • SQL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • DynamoDB

Need help drafting your requirements? Our solution directors and architects can insure nothing is missed and with daily and weekly check points you keep your finger on the pulse. We believe software should just work and we train our staff to deliver without compromise. Find what makes are the best by contacting us here.

Process Consulting

Is your software delivery process slow? Are you struggling to bring product to market? Let us design a custom software delivery process to fit your needs.

From requirement gathering and source control branching strategy to continuous integration and delivery. Our proven proprietary agile processes have helped many companies organize better, launch faster and lower their development cost. Everyone is different and there is no one size fits all, and that is why our WhiteStar experts are happy to spend time working closely with your team to evaluate, document and optimize your current delivery model. We can recommend and implement new processes as needed insuring transparency and effectiveness.

We believe in results and you deserve the best!

Application Lifecycle management

Launch your apps with speed, quality and scale with WhiteStar ALM customized solutions.

Designed to fit your needs, we recognize team collaboration is everything, so we put together a world class Application development process to help expedite development and launch with confidence. From requirement capturing to go live and everything in between, we can help you define and follow a customized process, uniquely designed to fit your needs. Customers that took advantage of our expertise saw up to 60% increase in capacity and 80% decrease in cost. We typically start with interviewing all of your stakeholders to determine your current pain points and once we gain understanding to you existing process, one by one, start eliminating them. We then train your existing staff so you can keep your gains, even when our work is done. The result is often a complete revamp in the way you deliver software. Faster, better and more agile. Let us show you how the master the world of modern software delivery. .

Quality Assurance

Declaring war on bugs, we have built some of the best Quality Assurance processes.

Our QA teams can help you eliminate defects from your system and get you back on the road to success. We work hand in hand with the development team to find and fix bugs during the development process and continue testing the system even after development is done.


This is what our customers say about us.



Located in beautiful Las Vegas, WhiteStar has a rich history of helping both online and brick and mortar casinos develop gaming apps and player rewards software both as standalone products, or as a part of a complete package. We successfully delivered proprietary algorithms and statistical models that helped gaming establishment’s bottom line. Using dazzling user interfaces and sounds, we increase player engagement and raise average per hour spending. We also have vast experience with multi lingual apps for your China properties. Our games include:
  • BlackJack
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Baccarat
  • Wheel of Fortune
With WhiteStar the house always wins!


Hoteliers: We have your back! The hospitality industry has unique needs, and unique needs require a unique way of thinking. Running a hotel spans beyond reservation management and into operations, marketing and customer satisfaction and retention. WhiteStar can write custom systems that fits into your ecosystem, or help you seamlessly integrate off the shelf components that enhance your business processes and customer loyalty.

We work behind the scenes to insure you concentrate on what matters: your guests!


WhiteStar provides solutions to the automotive industry. From dealerships to manufacturers, we can streamline and automate every aspect of your business. Increase consumer trust and loyalty with custom collaboration and social engagement solutions. Online reservation systems, custom inventory websites and online stores. Point of sale, cloud information systems and constant communication tools. Front desk, invoicing, estimation and much more, we develop business solutions for better business outcomes. Supply chain management is an integral part of every automotive business and WhiteStar Solutions consultants help develop and integrate such systems into your business. With smart and self-driving cars, WhiteStar is at the forefront of technology, helping shape the future using custom image recognition algorithms and Big Data processing designed to support machine learning. Sensor manufacturers use our IoT software to help connect vehicles to the cloud. Reduce cost by letting us automate your processes. Let a WhiteStar a consultant help you get on the road to success. Give us a call or fill in our contact form and let us know how we can help you elevate your business!

Media and Entertainment

At WhiteStar we help media and entertainment companies stay at the forefront of their industry. As new technologies come into play that disrupt traditional business models, WhiteStar plays a leading role in the media and entertainment arena and our consultants help fill in technical deficits and identify trends. We have dedicated media and entertainment experts who contribute to our clients a comprehensive perspective and software consulting services for a range of activities, including content creation, aggregation, and distribution, digital analytics, online strategies and much more. Looking for an inside view? Many of our consultants are industry veterans and have successfully drove the shift to digital in large companies. We can help your businesses navigate its business model, technology and people. From consumer behavior including insights, trends, profitability and segmentation to digital distribution, sales and marketing we are here to help. Pick up the phone today and call us or fill in the contact form on this page for a free consultation.

Oil and Gas

WhiteStar has been a lifelong software development partner for the energy sector, developing solutions that keep the industry safe, regulation compliant and moving into the digital age. From refineries to sensor manufactures and even gas pumps, our staff has successfully delivered software for a large number of companies that keep America running. Companies have a fiduciary responsibility to protect sensitive data including client personal information, intellectual property, and employee confidential information. WhiteStar software consulting can help you mitigate the risk of a data breach by insuring your systems are PCI and HIPPA compliant and can even work with your insurance company to comply with any additional requirements. Leverage Big Data solutions to streamline operations, improve productivity and gain a better understanding of your costs through analysis. NSPS, OHSAS 18001, OSHA, GHG MRR, ISO 14001, ISO 31000, TRI, CAA, Subpart W and more. Pick up the phone today and call us or fill in the contact form on this page for a free consultation.

Health Care

WhiteStar works closely with healthcare groups and individual providers. Our goal is to digitize, simplify and automate any processes that take away your precious time and help you see more patients. Cyber Attacks – we help you prepare and mitigate the risk of malicious attacks that can hurt or even disable your business. Data Storage – Digital records, images and genomic information, our systems are designed to safely store and process critical information that keeps your business running. Genomic Information – Big data is in our DNA and that is why when it comes to Genomic Information, WhiteStar software can assist in the processing and transfer of the large datasets required to process Genomic Information. Interoperability - CHIP Reauthorization Act and the Medicare Access mandates interoperability of electronic health records and WhiteStar is at the forefront of sharing and enabling consumer access to health data. Payment systems – Collect and keep track of patient balances with the connivance of a WhiteStar build online payment system. We integrate into your bookkeeping systems and notify any late payments and delinquent accounts.


Rapidly advancing technology has reshaped consumer behavior and expectations and WhiteStar is here to help you lead the pack! Consumers today demand mobile first, faster supply chain processes and better brand-consumer relationships. As the retail industry is moving forward, a WhiteStar powered retail-centric app can help you leverage consumer segmentation and engagement to stay competitive. We let you focus on digital experiences which enhances your brand while maintaining a multiple touchpoints consumer driven model that helps you leap ahead. Logistics integration is a vital part of every retail system and WhiteStar can integrate with any 3rd party logistics provider or build your own home grown systems, keeping orders and inventory synched. Our in house retail experts can help you come up with smart, bold ways to use technology in order to personalize and elevate every aspect of the shopping experience. Tell your brand’s story to your customers with an awesome digital experience from WhiteStar. So pick up the phone or fill in our contact form and let us know how we can help!


From enterprise platforms such as SAP Hybris, Magento and ShopSnap to integrations with ERP, 3PL and more, let WhiteStar build your logistics systems and online store. We have successfully built and implemented online businesses for some of the largest online retailers in the market including Walmart, Target and many more. With conversion rate in mind our stores are fast, scalable, secure and designed to elevate your business and generate more sales. Some of the major benefits our customers experienced are:
  • Better conversion rate that resulted in 46% more sales and 85% more profit
  • Faster shipping times with better warehousing integrations
  • More efficient customer service and follow up with CRM integrations
  • Lower abandonment rates due to faster performance
  • Better uptime with cloud hosting
We embrace Mobile First Cloud First, and that is why our online stores are hosted in the cloud and are designed to generate sales on mobile devices as well as the traditional desktop. Even if you sell on marketplaces such as Amazon or EBay we can help integrate your inventory into your online store and reduce your operating costs. At WhiteStar we know ecommerce so pick up the phone or fill in our contact form and let us know how we can help you build your online business!


WhiteStar developers have helped banks such as Goldman Sachs, Chase and BOA to develop and maintain their digital systems. In a competitive world, WhiteStar helps our customers in the financial sector stay ahead of the curb by developing and integrating innovative systems and infrastructure, engaging consumers and supporting new products and business models. WhiteStar develops comprehensive strategies for creating secure and reliable financial software systems that improve operational efficiency and meet or exceed your business goals. We have deep understanding of regulatory software and leverage compliant tools and frameworks to provide you with the best software development experience. Expertise in lending, investments, banking, mortgages, retirement, online trading, financial planning and more. Our senior consultants can work locally and remotely, producing software under your management or ours. Short or long term engagements are available. Let us help you develop and test software to power your financial products and services and create true value with your customers. So pick up the phone or fill in our contact form and let us know how we can help!


With the Chemical industry experiencing a product innovation driven paradigm shift from commodity chemicals to specialty products, employee safety and regulatory compliance join research and development and raw material as a leading factor in operational cost. WhiteStar Chemical software consulting is designed to take away the pain points in managing every aspect of your business. WhiteStar delivers ERP, CRM, HR and BI implementation, integration and enhancements to support the operational side of your business. For your R&D scientists we can deliver custom Big Data processing systems, trial management applications, analysis and simulation software and much more. Propel your business to the next level with WhiteStar chemical signature consulting and customer service. We offer cradle-to-grave reliable solutions, facilitating, supporting and enhancing the design, development and distribution of your products. In a connected world, we help chemical manufacturers and distributors take environmental responsibility by using social reviews and customer centric experiences designed to protect your image. So pick up the phone or fill in our contact form and let us know how we can help!


From sports management software to help you run your organization or club to stadium management, ticketing systems, gym memberships and more, WhiteStar delivers awesome software to help elevate your business. We help sports organizations track and manage every aspect of their business.
  • Player Sign Ups
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Team and Roster Creation
  • Stats Analysis
  • Document and Waiver Tracking
  • Staff Management
  • Ticket Distribution
  • Vendor Management
  • Email Communications
  • Player Account Management
  • Game Scheduling
  • Betting sites
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Online Stores
Running your association, club or league shouldn’t be a full-time job. Optimize your commercial effectiveness in sports by utilizing a WhiteStar market intelligence solution or a digital media service. Digital is no longer an option. It has become an essential part of sports marketing and with a WhiteStar digital asset storage and distribution, we help sports brands and rights holders plot a course through the ever-changing digital media landscape. Sponsorship deals can also be made easy with a WhiteStar sponsorship management system. Fill in our contact form or simply give us a call and let us know how we can help you dominate your field!


From online courses to student management WhiteStar Solutions is your partner in education. We work closely with educational institutions to provide services in all operational aspects of your business. Boost student engagement and extra curriculum learning activities with educational games and rewards programs. Keep parents involved with online curriculum tracking and collaboration tools. WhiteStar helps all operational aspects of your business by integrating CRM systems and online stores designed to increase your profitability. Optimize your office areas like administration, human resources, facilities and infrastructure systems with WhiteStar experts helping to craft solutions designed to enhance the quality of services, reduce cost, and minimize your risk. We help leverage data expertise, deep analytics capabilities, and Artificial Intelligence to create modern models for personalized education that improve your student’s capabilities and align educational institutions graduates and alumnus for successful careers. After school programs or adult education, we make ideas come true. We even accept interns from your institution! We believe in education and that is why we see this a mission. To better the next generation. Fill in our contact form or simply give us a call and let us know how we can help you and your students!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How Does Your process Work?

    Your project has four phases:
    Phase 0 Planning and staffing
    At this phase we gather the requirements, ramp up the team and place the architecture in place.
    We plan the sprints, estimate the work and report the accurate estimated cost back to you.
    This allows you to budget accordingly.
    Phase 1 Implementation, testing and documentation
    At this phase development begins. We use a proprietary agile methodology to run two week sprints with clear targets and milestones.
    Please make yourself and your staff available for immediate development feedback to avoid any delays.
    At the end of this phase your product is ready to go to market.
    Phase 2 deployment and handoff / maintenance
    At this phase our solution director and architect will hand off the product to your team. If we are contracted to perform maintenance, a partial team might stay in place.
    If maintenance will be performed by your in house team, WhiteStar’s team will be released.
    Phase 3 Review and feedback
    At this point some of our senior staff will have an in person meeting to gather your complete feedback from the project.
    We might ask you and your staff to rate our communication, professionalism, customer service and work quality during the project’s lifetime.
    If you think we did a god job, we might ask you for a testimonial.

  • Your project enjoys dedicated development staff
    Solution director
    Your solution director is your direct contact at WhiteStar their responsibilities include daily meetings with you and your staff, requirement gathering, development sprint planning and direct management of the development team.
    Your solution director owns your product and is directly responsible for product delivery and customer satisfaction.
    Your solution director is US based and operates out of WhiteStar’s headquarters offices.
    Software Architect
    Your architect is responsible for system design and code quality. Their responsibilities include initial systems design, guiding and mentoring the development team, daily code reviews and product handoff. Occasionally our architects are asked to assist your in house team with systems design. This type of service is available as needed.
    Your architect is US based and operates out of WhiteStar’s headquarters offices.
    Your developers are hand chosen by your architect and are subject to multiple technical tests. Developers can be replaces at any point based on individual performance.
    Quality Assurance
    The ratio of QA to Dev is 2:1. This means that for every two developers, one QA person is constantly checking their work, assuring you get the best quality product we can provide.
    Dev Ops
    We can provide Dev Ops as needed or utilize your in house infrastructure.

  • We work with the time material pricing model. This allows us to provide quality products while still keeping our prices low.


WhiteStar Labs is now a part of Inverted Software.


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